Life comes at you fast, and in waves. I have this giant weight hanging down on me of past lives stored in my mother’s attic, in a house I’ve never even lived in, in another state, and still more stuff in a basement of a friend, also out of state.

Apart from advantaging their kindness, I feel heavy guilt, shame, unfulfilledness in general, just having all this shit spread apart, lingering. I can’t just bin it all and am wondering if any of you have ever sold stuff online?

We are new parents, in a space we bought to live a minimalist, coupledom existence, in NYC. Times change and space is at a premium. Storage in an actual facility is a nope. I however, don’t mind paying my mummy a monthly fee until i get done offloading.

Things I need to get rid of include canvases, paint, easels, good quality brushes, designer shoes and clothing. Any suggestions for marketplaces besides Facebook? Appreciate sound advice. Thanks for reading.